C&A Distributors was founded in 1982

By Frank Aieta.

Frank Aieta really dedicated his life to the business. He started from nothing and grew the company into one of the main division 10 specialty contracting companies in the state of Connecticut.

For 8 years, Frank showed his son-in-law, Zach Goodmaster, how to operate the company in hopes it would survive when he could no longer do it. When Frank passed away in 2019, Zach stepped in and purchased the business. Today, Zach carries on Frank’s life’s work at C&A Distributors, guiding contractors through the best bathroom solutions for their projects  and ensuring every customer is satisfied.



After graduating from Farmington High School in 2006. I went to CCSU for a few years before discovering that sitting in a class room wasn’t what I wanted anymore.  I decided to enroll in a hands-on electrical program.  After graduating, the economy wasn’t doing good and it was hard to find a job in the trades because no one was hiring. Frank gave me the opportunity to work with him. 

I got married to Frank’s daughter Lauren. We have two children Lola and Weston.  I enjoy spending any and all my free time with them.